Saturday, 23 July 2011

Organising Project of the Week:

Like me, do you have sewing fabrics stashed here, there and everywhere? Get them organised this week!

I found the most amazing storage boxes to help keep everything in one place. Hence an excuse to go visit one of my favourite places, IKEA.

This particular range is found in their Wardrobe Section of the store, the item pack is called SKUBB and retails around £7.00 for 7 Pieces and this year they've added a new colour PURPLE!

Perfect for labelling into Seasons, Holidays, decorations, craft supplies and so on. I'm sure when I'm done, my fabric stash collection will now be neat, tidy and so much easier to put away when I'm done with it. *grins*

So how do you organise your fabrics or crafty bits and pieces? I love this picture, what an inspiration! Jenny b Allsorts